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discover how bergamot is made


Quality and reputation attributed to geographical origin
Nancy’s Bergamot
guarantee of a link between a product and its territory of origin

PGI: Protected Geographical Indication
Official sign of quality and origin
An official guarantee for consumers

The protected geographical indication designates a product whose characteristics:
– are linked to the geographical location in which at least its production or transformation takes place
– A method of production and development according to strict specifications
It is a European sign that protects the name of the product throughout the European Union


The “official” signs are:

  • a collective and voluntary approach from producers
  • strict production conditions validated by the State
  • regular checks carried out by independent bodies approved by the State

Why choose an IGP product?

  • These are the only ones guaranteed and recognized by the State
  • They guarantee quality and typical food
  • They are part of our food heritage
  • They help maintain jobs in rural areas
bergamot sachet

The first IGP-certified confectionery in France

After obtaining the “Lorraine Regional Label” in 1993, Nancy Bergamot was certified IGP.
Nancy’s IGP bergamot is the assurance of consistent quality and the pleasure of tasting an original confectionery. Don’t hesitate any longer, taste them!

A specialty of Nancy since 1857, its notoriety has crossed the gates of the city to spread in France and beyond…
The artisanal manufacturing and unchanged recipe of Nancy’s Bergamot guarantee you a unique taste like in the past!
Delicately scented, with an amber tint, Nancy’s Bergamot is a very refined confectionery.

nicolas Genot sortant des plaques de macaron du four

Botanical origin

The bergamot tree, a tree of the Rutaceae family, is today mainly cultivated in the Italian region of Calabria.
Its origin is uncertain; for some botanists, it comes from a cross between a bitter orange and a lime; for others, it would be a hybrid that appeared accidentally from a lemon tree.
The natural essence is extracted from the bark of the bergamot fruit.
This essence is used in perfumery, cosmetics, tea and of course, to create the delicious flavor of Nancy’s bergamot.

Making bergamot step by step, Nancy’s specialty since the 19th century

Why Bergamot in Nancy?

It ‘s in the work “Le cannameliste Français” by Gilliers, head of office of King Stanislas, that we find the first mention of the use of bergamot essence in Lorraine. But the French Revolution and the sugar blockade imposed by the English on Napoleon put a stop to the use of the essence of this citrus fruit and the confectionery industry. We will have to wait for the arrival of beet sugar to restart this activity.
It was in 1857 that the confectioner Jean Frédéric Godefroy Lillich stated in its definitive form the principle of manufacturing Bergamot de Nancy, namely a cooked sugar flavored with the essence of bergamot.