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history of our homemade chocolates

For cocoa lovers, the Maison des Sœurs Macarons will be your sweet paradise. Quality and taste are the key words of our artisanal House.
Through our chocolate creations, we work and reinvent cocoa, while preserving its aromas to make treats that will become your guilty pleasures.

Cocoa is a rare and expensive raw material, grown mainly on 3 continents: America, Africa and Asia. Its quality is influenced by the variety used, the environment in which the tree grows, and the know-how of the people who transform it.
Before transforming into chocolate, cocoa follows a long process to become chocolate: from planting to drying, including roasting, grinding and molding, the process has no less than 13 major stages.​If some know -making Nancy pastry chefs can be a source of confusion, the real secret of the authentic recipe of the Macaron Sisters has only been transmitted to four families since its creation. This recipe is currently owned by Nicolas Génot.

Passion and know-how

To present you with delicious, quality chocolate candies every day, we combine passion for the profession, traditional know-how and a rigorous selection of ingredients. Behind our quest for excellence lies a passionate and innovative team that combines textures and flavors to the delight of your taste buds.

Maintaining traditional know-how and artisanal manufacturing are a priority.
The chocolate candies are therefore made using artisanal techniques, several times a week, depending on demand, to guarantee you tasty, gourmet, fresh and quality products.
In our manufacturing workshop, patience and attention to detail are essential to design sophisticated coatings and decorations. Particular attention is paid to each stage of production to offer you chocolates that are as beautiful as they are delicious and will satisfy you.

The quality and rarity of the ingredients are essential for our creations. This is why the house sources exclusively with noble raw materials. We select the best chocolate producers, who ensure respect for the environment, such as Valrhona. This allows us to work with the rarest cocoas in the world, particularly those from South America (Venezuela, Peru and Belize), hence the unique and intense taste of our chocolate candies.

You will find various chocolate treats in our store: praline creations, ganaches, etc. You will definitely find what you are looking for there.

The praline chocolate that we use is made in accordance with ancestral tradition, it follows a process called “sandblasting”. This involves cooking together dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) and sugar to obtain a very fruity praline. Each dried fruit is carefully selected, which gives our products exceptional quality. We therefore offer you pralines with sesame, peanut, coconut, almond, hazelnut, pecan and pistachio, to vary the pleasures and accompany all your occasions.

Coming from different cultures, grand cru chocolates (dark, milk, white) allow us to develop different types of products with multiple flavors: sweet, fruity, tangy, spicy, fresh, melting or crunchy.

Quality, the central value of our house, also leads us to combine our chocolate with the best ingredients: French almond, pistachio from Iran and Sicily, hazelnut from Piedmont, or even Mirabelle pulp from Lorraine, to give you a unique taste experience.

The florentines, our home specialty

Come to our confectionery / chocolate shop to discover all our artisanal chocolate creations: chocolate boxes and boxes, original homemade spread and macaroon pieces, milk/dark or white praline chocolate rocks and pieces, finely coated candied bergamot, chocolate bars homemade dark/milk chocolates, chocolate candies and praline candies, chocolate bars, and other treats to enjoy alone for those with a sweet tooth or to share with your loved ones for double the pleasure!
You are also waiting for our delicious chocolate gift boxes to offer or to be given as a gift, customizable or already made, such as the gourmet “Ecrin de Chocolats” box. The latter contains a selection of chocolates from the best cocoa vintages, with noble and rare ingredients.

Our team will welcome you with great pleasure and will be available to advise you and make your visit an unforgettable gourmet moment.

Exquisite little pleasures to munch on every day and on all occasions for gourmets looking for flavors, but always in moderation.

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