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Dec 20, 2023 | International press

Macaroons originated in medieval Italy,

They were brought to France by Florentine confectioners when Catherine de Medicis married Henry II in 1533, and were made in different regions, using different methods.

In Nancy, they were made in the Benedictine abbey, but two nuns were expelled from the convent during the French Revolution.

In 1793, two nuns who were expelled from their convent during the French Revolution opened a shop in the town called Macarons des Sœurs Macarons.

The Genot family is the fourth family to carry on this ‘goodwill’.

Nicolas’ (right) father bought the business in 1991.

In 1991, Nicola’s (right) father bought the business rights to the shop and was taught the methods of production.

The Maracons are made with southern French almonds, egg whites and sugar.

The macarons are not like the ‘Nancy’s macarons’ of other pastry shops. It is a trade secret. « I learnt it from my father and passed it on to my son (pictured left). »

The third generation of the Genot family will make the macarons that have been handed down for more than 200 years to the future.