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National recognition for "La maison des sœurs Macarons" "Business of cultural craft heritage": a label with a wow effect! Nicolas Genot, the master craftsman labeled, so proud, show with pride his diploma handed by the secretary of state in charge of businesses,...

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25 gourmet addresses The best of Christmas in a click. M for Macaroons, Maison de Sœurs Macarons. This is a Nancy Macaroon, made with egg whites, Provence almonds and sugar. Under its golden, finely cracked surface, it hides an irresistible melting centre. You eat...

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Magasine GQ ( Gentlemen’s Quarterly)

THE MACAROON BATTLE The Sœurs de Nancy smells like ‘Cléopâtre’ glue (old-school almond-scented white glue). This gives it a significant addictive appeal, not to mention a distinct advantage over its competitor.

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NANCY section - where to shop? “the must-visit address for buying Nancy’s two great specialities for food lovers: macaroons and bergamot sweets, and many other delicacies based on Mirabelle plums (sweets, jam, brandy, fruit jellies, ‘chardons’, etc.). The firm’s...

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LE POINT weekly

Gourmet Nancy Six artisans of flavours: portraits. The “heritage of taste” is passed on thanks to them. These taste magicians reveal their secrets. Nicolas Génot, custodian of the true macaroon, an institution and a secret recipe jealously guarded since 1793.

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