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Maisons COTE EST

Art of living = Nancy comes alive Carnet de Voyage SHOPPING section "La Maison des Soeurs Macarons. This illustrious confectionery, specialising in the manufacture of bergamot sweets and macaroons, holds the secret of how macaroons have been made since their invention...

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Femme actuelle

Special Nancy shopping trip in the footsteps of St Nicolas City Guide - Nancy: our favourite addresses - La Boutique de Macaron: After lunch, hurry to stock up with macaroons, a delicate combination of egg whites, sugar and almonds, from the famous "Soeurs Macarons"...

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Business/Passion "the pastry chef’s secret" Since November 2000, Nicolas Génot has held the secret of making “Soeurs Macarons” macaroons. Almonds, sugar, egg whites... and an irresistible desire to preserve this delicious little piece of Nancy heritage.

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TRAVEL section "For macaroons, the almond cookies said to have been invented in NANCY by Benedictine nuns. The sisters sold them to support themselves during the French Revolution. Also try their bergamotes, hard candies that taste of Earl Grey tea."

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Nancy: new Eldorado for fine gourmets. La Maison des Soeurs Macarons, since 1793, this firm has kept the macaroon recipe a closely-guarded secret. Here you will also find succulent gingerbreads and other bergamot sweets.

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Nancy: a fairytale décor. Memorable: La Maison des Soeurs Macarons, the 2 nuns who invented this sweet treat in 1793. They’re quite simply irresistible ...

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Region by region, city by city, what has become of these products symbolising FRANCE...their history, their destiny. LORRAINE-NANCY region The Nancy macaroon: Made from egg whites, sugar and Provence almonds, the Sisters’ macaroon, also known as the Nancy macaroon, is...

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Le nouvel observateur

This is the goose that laid the golden egg for pastry chefs ...The alchemy of the macaroon "the battle has been going on since 1997, when the Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé re-launched the old macaroon, achieving its metamorphosis with colours, flavours and creamy...

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Mon jardin et ma maison

Nancy - its botanical and gourmet curiosities page 97: bergamot - a sweet for royalty. For several centuries the image of the bergamot citrus fruit has been linked to the city of Nancy. ... report on a surprising botanical and gustatory epic! At La Maison des Soeurs...

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